I had to replace a couple of sets of blinds in my house today. One set was on my front door and the other set was in my bedroom.
The set in my bedroom had been broken for some time, but I hadn’t bothered replacing them just yet because the blanket I was using as a makeshift solution did such a good job at keeping the light out. The set on the front door got broken yesterday by a child who got a little overzealous with the pull-string. Replacing it was a more immediate need.
After enjoying a late breakfast at our local Huddle House this morning, we went to our local department store and found the aisle with blinds, curtains, and all the accoutrements associated with them. I had the foresight to measure the sizes of blinds I needed before we left and quickly found what I needed.
I got light filtering blinds for the front door and room darkening blinds for the bedroom. After I thought about it a bit, I decided I might also ought to get a couple of room darkening curtain panels as well, because the blinds that I had before also claimed to be room darkening, but fell woefully short of actually performing that function.
I found a stylish set and a rod to hang them on. We carried it to the checkout, settled up, and brought it home.
I quickly got both sets of blinds mounted. I was able to reuse the mounting hardware in the bedroom so there was nothing to do there except slide the new set in. As I suspected, the room darkening blinds let in a lot of light. I had made a good decision getting the panels as well.
It took just a moment to hang the rod from an appropriate height and soon enough the two fashionable panels I had chosen were gracing my bedroom. Even though they also claimed to be room darkening, I was a little surprised at how much light was still pouring into the room. It’d do for the rare mid-day nap, but it was a far cry from being dark.
Light amazes me. I’ve been in deep dark caves where no light at all was available and the fluorescent glow off a child’s t-shirt was enough that you could at least maintain a sense of space. Many times I’ve wandered around my house at night with only the tiny LEDs of electronic devices providing just enough green or blue light to avoid the edges of furniture. It doesn’t take a lot of light to beat back the dark.
Even the smallest of lights can help you see even when the dark seems deep and unfathomable. There have been many times in my life where I’ve felt like I was in the dark, wandering around blind, not sure where to go or what to do. But time and again God sends a light. It’s not always a big one, but it’s always just enough to see my way through to a brighter day.
“Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.”” John 8:12